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June Event News

The Godfather Cigar & Wine Tasting!

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featuring CAO Consigliere Cigars and Michael Gill Cellars!

with Special Guest Rick "The Finger" Rodriguez

Thursday, June 1st

5:30pm - 8:30pm

Here's an offer you can't refuse! Join us for a special "Godfather Themed" Cigar & Wine Tasting event featuring the new CAO Consigliere Cigar! We will have a special authentic Italian dinner, wine tasting from Michael Gill Cellars, exciting raffles, and more! We will also have a very special guest, Rick "The Finger" Rodriguez, the Blender and Ambassador for CAO!



$20 for a daily membership, which includes a cigar, dinner, entrance to the lounge, cigar specials, and so much more! Must be 21+. Must RSVP to attend. 

All wine flight purchases will be donated to the Food Bank of San Luis Obispo County.

Event Details

Event Date 06-01-2017 5:30 pm
Event End Date 06-01-2017 8:30 pm
Individual Price $20.00
Location Boyd’s Tobacco & Elegant Gifts

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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CAO Consigliere

Rated 90 by Cigar Aficionado

A certain crew of guys who smoke CAO made us an offer we can't refuse. They said bring back Tony's wise guy cigar, or else. So we delivered the goods. It's a straight sequel--the five-country blend is the same as before, the one that made it to Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 list of 2006. Now that Consigliere has been pulled back in as a full-time member of the CAO family, you can leave the cannolis and take the cigars. 

Rated 90, Cigar Aficionado: "An attractive, oily cigar the color of dark copper. It draws well, and is sweet in character leaving nougat, nutmeg and cinnamon flavors on the palate."


Rick Rodriguez

Even after more than 16 years at General Cigar, Rick Rodriguez still considers his job to be a dream come true. 

Soon after his start as a sales representative in Florida, General Cigar's team of cigar masters unanimously selected Rick to participate in a rigorous cigar master training program that began more than eleven years ago and extended in the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. Rick became immersed in the art of cigar making, learning time-honored traditions including tobacco agriculture, cultivation, aging, processing, cigar rolling and ultimately, cigar blending. Upon his return to the United States eight years ago, he was given the honor of working as an apprentice to the legendary Benji Menendez. 

Today, Rick spearheads new product development for CAO. He's working full-time overseeing a hand-picked group of experts to create CAO cigars, and continues to win praise for the unique taste of the brand's latest releases: Pilon, Flathead, Amazon Basin, Colombia, and Consigliere. The small-batch offerings created by Rick and his team have also created a big splash in the competitive premium cigar landscape. Rick is committed to ensuring that the brand keeps its unique personality, while he seeks our exciting and innovative new products and packaging. 

Rick currently divides his time between sourcing new tobaccos, blending and collaborating with General Cigar's team of cigar masters in the D.R., Honduras and Nicaragua. With a decade of intensive training under his belt, Rick is well on his way to becoming the first American ever to be named a true cigar master. 


Boyd's News

padron 1926


#1 CIGAR OF THE YEAR, Rated 97 by Cigar Aficionado

What a great cigar. The Padron 1926 Serie impressed our tasting panel again and again, rising to the top after repeated tests to become the best cigar of the year. In the end, when only a few cigars remained in the last blind tasting, this one stood above the rest: it was richer, rounder, more complex and rewarding than any other cigar we smoked. This pressed beauty is rolled in the Padron factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, under the watchful eye of Jose Orlando Padron, his son Jorge and the rest of the family members who ensure that the 5 million or so cigars they produce each year are of impeccable quality. 
This is perhaps the finest of the line, just blossoming with flavor right from the first puff. It's a complex smoke with perfect balance, showing flavors of chocolate, coffee and nuts, as well as some black cherry. The cigar has a finish so long it seems to never leave the palate.

padron damaso


The Damaso line of cigars is for those who seek the quality and consistency of Padron in a milder taste profile. 
The cigar was named in honor of Jose O. Padron's grandfather Damaso, who was the first Padron to arrive in Cuba from the Canary Islands sometime in the late 1800's. "Islenos", or Canary Islanders, were serious people who kept their word and tended to work in farming. In this tradition, Damaso rented a small piece of land in Pinar del Rio and started growing tobacco, giving the Padron family their beginnings in the tobacco industry.

Thousands of Fuente Cigars Stolen

April 7, 2017

It's about a 250-mile stretch between Arturo Fuente Headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale. Somewhere in between, a 40-foot shipping container loaded with hundreds of thousands of Fuente cigars was stolen. 

According to A. Fuente & Co. the cargo container was loaded into a truck at the port for pick-up--but the truck never made it to Tampa. 

"The container was actually loaded on the delivery truck, and then the truck was stolen," Karen R. Smith, vice president of The Fuente Companies told Cigar Aficionado. "The Miami-Dade police have found the cab, but not the container. And now, the FBI is involved in the investigation. 

Smith did not comment on the value of the cigars and said that the adjuster would have to assess the dollar amount of the loss before she could give an accurate estimate. The company learned of the theft on April 3. 

When large shipments of cigars are stolen, they are often sold shortly afterward to local cigar shops and tobacconists at severely discounted prices. According to Smith, this should be a major red flag. 

"We are telling our retailers to look for Fuente cigars being sold outside of the normal channels," added Smith. 

In an official letter, company president and owner Carlos "Carlito" Fuente Jr., stated:

"I was stunned--this has never happened to us in over a century of business. Unfortunately, we can't replace the hundreds of thousands of cigars that were stolen, and this loss will cause more shortages of Fuente cigars this year. We will allocate our cigars in a fair manner...We have been expanding our factory in the Dominican Republic for the last two years and we hope to increase production in the future." 

A. Fuente & Co. produces such popular brands as Fuente Fuente OpusX, Arturo Fuente Don Carlos, and Arturo Fuente Rosado Sungrown Magnum R. 

Avo Uvezian, Legendary Cigar Manufacturer, Dies at 91

March 24, 2017

Legendary Armenian-American jazz pianist and cigar manufacturer Avo Uvezian passed away on March 24, two days after his 91st birthday. 

Known in the cigar industry for his Avo brands and his sharp sense of style, Uvezian was long a vivacious part of the cigar industry, touring in support of his cigars even at 90 years old. A showman and cigar lover, it wasn't uncommon to see Uvezian play piano at a cigar event while puffing on one of his cigars and waxing poetic about the joys of smoking. 

Uvezian first came into cigar prominence when the Avo line was born in 1987, but his cigar story started long before that. 

Born in 1926 in Beirut, Lebanon, Uvezian formed a musical group called the Liban Boys in 1945 right after the end of World War II. They managed to get a contract playing in a hotel in Baghdad, where the group lasted a year before moving on to a hotel in Tehran. Uvezian quickly made a name for himself as a pianist and eventually received an invitation from Shah Reza Pahlevi, at the time the leader of Iran, to play at his palace. Uvezian stayed in Tehran for a year, and made such an impression on the Shah that he recommended that Uvezian go to America, and personally paid for his trip. 

Uvezian arrived in New York City in 1947, playing in various bands while studying at Juilliard. After two years in the U.S. Army, he eventually found himself in Puerto Rico in the jewelry business. But music called him back, and by 1974 he was playing piano at the Palmas del Mar resort. During this time, he made a crucial observation: people not only came to hear his music, but they liked smoking cigars. Uvezian would purchase a few local cigars each night and place them on top of the piano for anyone who wanted to smoke. 

"Customers and friends used to write me and ask me for cigars," Uvezian told Cigar Aficionado in an interview. "That's when I said to myself that I better look at getting serious about this."

Uvezian was introduced to Davidoff's cigarmaker Hendrik "Henke" Kelner, and in 1987, his first cigars from Kelner were sold under the Bolero label in San Juan. Shortly after, he changed the cigar name to Avo and debuted them in New York City. The brand was created exclusively for the Davidoff shop. 

Uvezian launched Avo across the U.S. in 1988, and in 1995, Davidoff purchased the distribution rights for the brand. In 10 years, Uvezian saw his brand grow from about 5,000 cigars in 1987 to about 3.2 million in 1997. 

"He's like family," said Jeff Borysiewicz of Corona Cigar in Orlando. "He was family. He's the godfather of my kids. He brought charisma and charm to the industry and people were attracted to him. He had the kind of magnetism I'd never seen. Avo spoke so many languages and had such an international life. He was incredible." 

Since the early-2000s, Uvezian has celebrated his birthday with a special, limited-edition cigar and a cigar party as well as a national tour. Though tour dates decreased as he got a little older, he usually made time for New York. Last year, Uvezian made an appearance in Manhattan for his 90th birthday. 

"People always aske me, 'Avo, what's your secret?'" Uvezian said at the time. "And I tell them that every time you smoke cigars, you have given yourself another day of life. I think I'm going to be doing this until I'm 99 years old. That way, when I get to 99, I'll say 'Well, I might as well go to 100.'"

He almost made it. 

Avo Uvezian is survived by his wife, Nivia, his sons Robert, Jeffrey and Ronnie, and his daughter Karyn.